The Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC) was formed in 1988 when the Victorian Nut Growers Association and the NSW Nut Growers Association amalgamated to achieve a more unified approach for the local nut industries. Initially, ANIC represented hazelnut, walnut, pistachio and chestnut growers, with the pecan, almond and macadamia sectors joining in the following years.

Today, ANIC represents the seven commercial tree nut associations, each of which are a member of the federation. ANIC is a non-for-profit organisation, led by a board representing the seven nut sectors and an Executive Officer. 

Collectively, the board and Executive Officer design and implement a wide range of activities to grow the Australian nut industry:

ANIC Leadership


Brendan Sidhu

Almond Board of Australia

Darren Baguley

Hazelnut Growers of Australia
Executive Officer​

Cathy Beaton

Australian Nut Industry Council

Jolyon Burnett

Australian Macadamia Society

Richard Sampson-Genest

Australian Pecan Association

Nick Downs

Australian Walnut Industry Association

Brian Casey

Chestnuts Australia